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Refund Policy – Overview:

Ey up! Welcome to Mojo™Health’s refund policy. We’re as straight up as a Northern cuppa tea! No beating around the bush, just straight, honest talk for decent folk! Let’s get down to brass tacks with our refund policy – clear as day and fair as a sunny afternoon in’t Dales. Here’s the lowdown:

Unopened? No Problem, Send It Back!

Changed Your Mind? Got your Mojo™ package but haven’t broken the seal? If you’re having second thoughts within 14 days of delivery, just ship it back to us. Remember, you’ll need to handle the postage – fair’s fair.

Tried It, But Not Smitten?

Not Quite What You Expected?: Given our product a good old go but not feeling it? We understand. Just make sure you give it a fair shot for at least 30 days from delivery. Still not your cup of tea? That’s alright, love. Just let us know, and we’ll sort a full refund, no fuss, no muss.

The Fine Print…

14 Days and It’s Yours: Listen up – if you’ve had the product for over 14 days and haven’t sent it back or said owt, we’ll take it you’re keeping it. After those 14 days, it’s yours for good, no returns.

Our Straight-Shooting, Fair-Deal Promise:

Honesty and Fairness First: Here at Mojo™, we’re all about authenticity and treating you right. If you’re not chuffed with your purchase, tell us straight – we’ll sort it out quick sticks. But, mind you, after 14 days, it’s over to you. We pride ourselves on being as fair as a perfectly bowled over.

So, that’s it! Choose Mojo™ for a straight-talking, fair-dealing experience that’s as reliable as a Northern handshake!

In addition to all of the above, you are ofcourse covered by the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, and ofcourse Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR.